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IMPORTANT NOTICE!  Looking for (cooperation)

Rustymonde is a « European » project which does not set itself any big goals, but leaves the door as open as possible to all possibilities and opportunities. However, since (to a certain extent or in most cases) cooperation is conditioned by the prior reading of the Manual (« book in reverse », see conditions of cooperation), the providing of services or any other cooperation is for the time being very complicated for those who are not fluent in Czech, as the Manual has not yet been translated into other languages. As I have been living in France for a long time, France is the next step for the full implementation of RM.  This is also the reason why (for the moment) only the French RM website has been translated and made available. The French website serves mainly as a demonstration of the RM environment for the time being, through which we may be able to find someone willing to help us translate the manual into French. For the French translation, it is not necessary to know the Czech language, as I myself speak fluent (but not perfect) French, so it is only a matter of correcting the texts on the literary and grammar level. The Czech and French pages also serve as examples for those who would like to participate in the translation (correction) of the website (or later of the manual itself) into other languages, such as English, Spanish, German or Polish, where (except perhaps English) a certain bilingualism is necessary, meaning Czech/French and the target language.

For those who would like to help with proofreading or translation, a few more words are prepared below for clarification.

There is also a post that is currently circulating on social media, which is being amended as and when necessary.



(I am not really used to using social media). However, I would like to take this opportunity to get in touch with potential candidates for cooperation. In particular, I would like to cooperate in the correction/translation of texts that need to be corrected/translated more precisely in terms of grammar and literary level (these are my French and Czech texts, but I don’t have enough English to do them alone). These are texts that are part of several of my projects (first of all, texts for websites, etc.) that will be published not only in France or the Czech Republic, but also in other European countries. These projects have already been published in the Czech Republic, so France is the next step.

Most people know me as someone who works with dogs who suffer from seemingly “unsolvable” problems, (however I am not a dog trainer or anything like that, nor an alternative) but this is not the only area I have specialized in for several years (it is also among other animals, e.g., “autistic” children, the disharmony of human life on several levels, recycling and recovery projects and many other areas, always based on the same principle). Therefore, the correction of the texts will include these areas and themes.

I am not necessarily looking for experts or language professionals, but simply someone who has a good sense of language and a good level of English grammar and literature (which I, being Czech, do not have). But also someone who would be quite open-minded, open to new things (unknown things), who is not afraid, or even willing to look into “another universe”. I’m looking for someone who would be in France or in the Czech Republic, but if I can’t find one in this country, I would also look anywhere else in Europe. As I said before, I am not used to using social media and therefore I don’t have a large range of “friends” and contacts on the networks, so I will thank you if you can share this message around, in case it resonates with you.

If anyone would like to give it a try, or is interested in the details and conditions of cooperation, please feel free to contact us, or check out the French or Czech project websites at to get started.


This addition was not in the original post. I didn’t want the post to be too long (too complicated), nor did I expect such reactions and responses to my post. However, I need to add some context to it, which will hopefully allow me to sort it out naturally and simplify the communication that will follow. It’s not as simple as it sounds. I am not looking for someone to send my texts to for correction, as this is not possible given the principle and nature of my texts. Unless it is someone perfectly bilingual, in which case most of it can be done that way. I have already collaborated with several people and the appropriate correction technique has already been found, but it will not be easy for the person I am “looking” for. I would have to be present most of the time (depending on the level of bilingualism of the corrector/translator), working with our computers side by side. My texts are very complex and sophisticated (sometimes also controversial or even “dangerous” from a certain point of view), and anyway they are not for everybody, even if everybody is often very enthusiastic at the beginning, but only on the basis of the results of my work, not on the basis of its subject matter, form or philosophy, when after revealing all that is hidden so far, the enthusiasm fades very quickly and may turn into dislike. However, it is not possible (almost impossible) to translate or correct such texts without me 100%, even for someone who is perfectly bilingual.

If it were possible, the simplest thing I could do would be to pay a professional translator and a professional corrector. What is important is to maintain a certain mechanism and link with other texts and projects, which only I can do.

So first I am looking for a candidate to help me correct the website texts, then I will look for other candidates (if not the same one) for other parts of the projects, the longest text of which is 400 pages.

I’m not looking for a simple translation/correction help, because first of all, there are a lot of conditions (he must have good grammar, he must also have time, a computer, be open-minded, my projects must resonate well with him and our relationship as well, etc.), and secondly, because it wouldn’t work. Instead, I’m looking for someone who is willing to discuss it and find a way to work together. It would be someone who is interested in my background and what I am trying to convey.

I don’t know how long this message will circulate on the Internet, but it is possible that, even in the long term, I will continue to look for candidates to translate/correct my texts (possibly in other languages, Spanish, Polish, German, etc.), but perhaps also candidates for a different types of collaboration (more at: Job offer and volunteering) so, if you are interested, please contact me at any time.

So, I am currently in the research phase, but I am patient and will take the time it takes. I’m waiting to see what life will throw at me. I will (more or less) talk to potential candidates, hoping to find someone suitable at the end of my search. Thank you for all the past and future offers.

PS: I have not mentioned compensation, as I do not want this to be the main topic of the collaboration. Whether it is voluntary, based on exchange or paid, we will talk about it together. In fact, it is not at all important to me, as long as this collaboration fulfils the conditions and, above all, makes sense for all parties involved.

Thank you,


“The guy who walks barefoot with a dog with a Frisbee” 🙂